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I have banged on about Twitter and Pinterest here as well as, in my last post, Spotify – all great tools for sharing work, ideas, pictures and sounds within a community.  I have recently begun to dabble in Tumblr, a micro-blog site that lets you add all of the above.  So, why the need for another social network, you may ask.  Is this yet another ploy to avoid writing?

No, I earnestly answer.  The writing is going fine, thanks for asking – have topped 100K for the second draft of the second book (but who’s counting? Oh, yes, I am) and happily writing may way toward the end of the war.  And what Tumblr offers is a space for “less” writing, as it were, than a blog.  Here, you expect text.  Here, sometimes the photos are a bit wonky, a bit hit-and-miss.  Tumblr is fast.  It isn’t a space for blogging.  It’s for little thoughts, little ideas, little pictures, things that don’t merit a post, ragged bits of things that are flying about in the jumble of my head.  If you’d like to have a visit, click here for my Tumblr and see what’s there.  It’s called The Victory Stitch.

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