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I’m a NaNo Winner!

Winner-2014-Web-BannerI hit my NaNoWriMo target last night – 50,000 words in 26 days.  Yowza! And the nice folks on the NaNoWriMo site even sent me this nifty badge as proof.  No, it isn’t a novel, as 50,000 words is about 30,000 too short.  No, it isn’t a first draft – the whole thing is pretty unreadable, doesn’t really hang together, and needs to be rewritten.  But what it is will help me to write the first draft – it’s 50,000 new words in a floor plan, with my first attempts to create scenes, explore the terrain, get the characters all talking.  This draft helps me see the shape of the thing that will be the first draft – and maybe the second draft is the one that will be readable.  A big thank you to NaNoWriMo for making November such fun – and a shout-out to the writers of Kent.  We’re having a write-in tomorrow and even though I’ve finished my 50K, it doesn’t mean I’m done writing.  Maybe I can hit 55K before the month is done!

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