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Amity & Sorrow

Published by Little, Brown 16 April 2013

Amity & Sorrow PBB.indd

“Amity & Sorrow simmers to a boil as it deftly navigates issues of family, community, and redemption.”  Booklist

Tinder Press

The stories are coming… and here is the new front page for Tinder Press, the Headline imprint for Amity & Sorrow, as well as a slew of juicy-looking books for 2013.  Why not visit them, have a look at their gorgeous titles (and creative team!), and add them all to your “to read” pile?


I was introduced to the idea of shed working by writer, poet and garden lover, Sarah Salway.  She also organises Shedworking, a lifestyle blog about people who work in their sheds, whether grand or humble.  I write here in the Blue House and when Sarah came along, bearing cake, she took a few snaps of me and my shed-deluxe.  Visit Shed Working to see the Blue House and many other people, happily working in their sheds.

A bit of film

Here is a bit of footage about Amity & Sorrow, filmed by the lovely crew at Tinder Press – and the marvellous Vicky Palmer.  I can’t embed it here, as I’m not nearly that clever, but hopefully you won’t mind linking to Youtube.

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