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Yesterday, Amity & Sorrow made it through all its copy edit queries and got moved into production by the good people at Little, Brown. This means that it moves from our much-marked Microsoft Word copy into mocked up pages that will be the proposed layout for the book. Then, these pages come to me for more looking at and worrying over, while a proofreader does stellar work in correcting all those things I’ve not managed to see or fix in all this editing. ¬†Books aren’t printed on presses like this anymore. This machine looks more a torture device, as if I mean to imply that edits are torturous. They aren’t, really. No, the press reminds me that we are making a book together, that paper will be printed that becomes the book I have written on this laptop in ephemeral drafts. The book, the bound thing, will last for as long as the paper does, for as long as we all value paper. Having a bound book will make me come over all Gutenberg. I can’t wait.

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