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Are you listening?

There are lots of ways to connect with people through social media. Writing can be a lonely old slog now and then, particularly in that gap of time between when you want to dance round the room at having received fresh galley proofs of your first novel and the deadline for your second. I’ll admit, I often look for ways to escape.

One is through Twitter, where you can be as social as you like. You can listen in on great conversations, follow streams of thought or word games with hashtags, or you can connect with lots of other writers, also heads down at their desks or, like you, seeking escape. Today on Twitter, I announced a new playlist for Amity & Sorrow, a great idea from my publicist at Tinder Press. I write to music; I probably use it as a form of self-hypnosis, if I’m honest. I haven’t put the tracks I actually wrote Amity & Sorrow to, tempting as it was, for fear of hypnotising all of you. No, on this Spotify playlist there are songs that, I hope, conjure up the feelings of the two sisters, Amity and Sorrow. You’ll have to guess which song is which sister’s.  And if you want to win a galley of Amity & Sorrow, follow Tinder Press on Twitter with the book’s hashtag, #godsexfarming (Sorry – UK only!)

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  1. That’s a pretty melancholy playlist – makes me want to whittle something…with bitter tears in my eyes. Lovely though!

    October 19, 2013

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