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The Countdown to Amity & Sorrow…

The Countdown to Amity & Sorrow…

It’s 9 days ’til Amity & Sorrow is released here in the UK – Hoorah!  Writer, blogger, and Amity & Sorrow reader, F. C. Malby, very kindly asked if I’d like to pop over and visit her site with a little Q&A.  Here’s the link:

Amity & Sorrow

This blog started as a place to keep research for my second novel, but my first novel has often taken me away from that. As such, when you’re here googling “Nazi fairy tales” (and many of you do!) you sometimes bump into blog posts about farming or polygamy. I have been squirrelling away on edits for my first novel since the new year and I’m delighted to say that the edits are approved and it’s moving into production. There are so many amazing steps on this journey from first idea to stack of paper that it’s all quite dizzying. I am one grateful writer.

AMITY & SORROW, my book about God, sex & farming, will be published in spring 2013 with Little, Brown (US) and Headline Review (UK). Foreign rights have sold with Orlando (Holland) and Presses de la Cite (France). I thought it was high time I changed my Twitter bio, too. Now, back to the war – and book two!

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