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These are the dog days of summer.  Sadly, here in Britain the dog is wet.  Rain tapping on the Blue House makes me think of autumn and all that will come.  I’m happy to announce I’ve received a little grant from the Arts Council and Canterbury Council to support my second novel, which is finished and awaiting feedback from some new readers.  The grants have afforded me some guidance from a freelance editor, as well as the funds to attend two upcoming events which will, I hope, make a real difference to my writing.  First up is The Festival of Writing in York, which brings writers in contact with agents, book doctors, and editors over a weekend of workshops and one-to-ones.  I’ve already submitted my opening chapter and a 500 word chunk of the book for various competitions and feedback.  Fingers crossed!  Second, I’m delighted to be able to attend the next residential workshop with the most marvellous Susan Elderkin.  (I highly recommend her newest publication, The Novel Cure, offering bibliotherapy by the book.)  I had originally thought this workshop would take place in the spring but, life being what it is, all plans changed.  Now, attending in October, I hope to be staring a finished Book 2 in the face and getting to grips with Book 3.  Outside, the rain pounds, ever harder.

Here are some rather enormous logos, with enormous gratitude:  

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  1. kate firth #

    Hi Peggy I’m delighted to hear your new book is finished so hopefully will be printed soon. I assume it is the one set in Port Erin. I will be very interested to read it as my father was there during the war based at Bradda Glen as he was a member of the Collinson family who ran the café at Port Erin and the holiday camp at Bradda before the war. Hope the book goes well for you. Best wishes Kate Firth Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2015 14:04:57 +0000 To:

    August 24, 2015

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