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Here’s Amity & Sorrow, hanging out on the Oprah site. (When you click the link, you might see me. I only get John Lewis and KLM, so that will tell you something about my googling history.) Either way, it’s a fine place for a new paperback to be!


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  1. Dale Estey #

    Hi, Peggy:

    I suppose the information in the side bars go in rotation, but I can’t call up *Amity & Sorrow. *The location of ones computer (in my case, Canada) might make a difference. At any rate, Oprah is a great platform to be on.

    I note you are blogging on *WordPress.* I am pondering doing the same. Are you satisfied with what the site offers. Well – after all – you *are *on Oprah.


    February 8, 2014

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