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I love book bloggers!

photoIt’s 5 days until Amity & Sorrow is out in hardback, here in the UK with Tinder Press.  But book bloggers have been helping to get the word out for months now and I am so, so grateful for the time they give to read with care and to review with clarity and consideration.  I’d like to give a big thank you for some recent blog posts here, and to give links to these bloggers’ hard work.  Why not follow them all, for more great ideas of good reads?

AND THEN I READ A BOOK: Sarah Watkins fantastic book about blogs, though she gives herself the right to digress!

RANDOM THINGS THROUGH MY LETTER BOX: Anne Cator reviews everything that drops through her letter box, except pizza menus.

GAV’S BOOK REVIEWS:  Book reviews every Sunday morning. That’s my kind of church.

F. C. MALBY:  Reviews and interviews, straight out of Vienna.

FICTION UNCOVERED:  Writer Kaite Walsh’s Arts Council funded blog, celebrating the best in fiction.

BECCA LIKES BOOKS:  Becca likes books, knitting, and vintage style. She also likes Amity & Sorrow – hurrah!

FLEUR FISHER IN HER WORLD:  A reader responding to what she likes and how books make her feel.

SIMPSON’S PARADOX: A lovely book and game blogger.

Thank you also to Thalo Magazine, for their thoughtful review of Amity & Sorrow.  Here’s a link to their Tumblr.

All writers need readers and these are some of the hardest working readers around.  Bloggers, this cupcake’s for you!  I’ll be tracking down more blogs for my next post.

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  1. Robin #

    Thanks Ukpr. I am not familiar with Amity and Sorrow, so now I can learn something new. Your gratitude to bloggers is really refreshing and I will read their posts as soon as I have the time because I have always wanted to write a book write a book

    March 24, 2013

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