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Where’s The Victory Stitch?


I’m still ironing some kinks out in this new site. Like the Archive button, which leads to nowhere. It’s set as a default, but I don’t know where the archives are to link them. And maybe that’s OK. Let sleeping posts sleep on.  You can still find things by searching for them via their categories or clicking through the Blog Post monthly folders.  If I learn how to organise it better, I’ll do it.

The Victory Stitch was the name of this blog for quite a while, while I cut my teeth on WordPress and swam around in the first draft of my second novel. The picture above was taken during a community play I wrote and directed about the women’s internment camp on the Isle of Man, subject of my second novel.  But time has marched on apace. Now, I’m in the midst of the second draft of the second novel, which will not be called The Victory Stitch, I hasten to add.  Renaming this blog lets me back up from the initial brief on the blog, which was to blog research, and to deal with other matters, like my first novel, Amity & Sorrow.

So, this blog will continue to focus on research for my second novel and thoughts on writing in general, but it bears my name now.  I’ve gone all  I hope you don’t mind the changes.  In the meantime, I’ve had a good old clear out in the Blue House, where I write, as moving back to the second book seemed to require a massive spring clean, paint job, and repair of drooping foundations.  I have all my research books back together, where they belong, and I’m leaping back into “the war”.  Be on the look out for new posts – and maybe a little more news about my first novel, too – very soon!

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