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In my other life, I’m a live lit producer.  Or was.  As that job has ended, I find myself a live lit artist.  So, what is live lit?

Live literature is a funding strand and a way to explain spoken word or text-based installation/multimedia work.  As that is a bit unwieldy, live lit has come to stand for many things for many people.  It is spoken word work and performance poetry; it is an author in a room with readers doing something more dynamic than simply opening her book and reading from it.  It is a process of engaging audiences with text – with words – in a way that brings the words their writer to life.  Which is still rather unwieldy.

Maybe the easiest way to explain it is to invite you to see it.  I am part of The Reauthoring Project happening at the upcoming Herne Bay Festival.  There you will see the work of 5 Kent writers, including me and my new piece “Post”, a promenade journey through a life.  You’ll be able to read Post here once I’ve done the piece live.  But you wouldn’t want me to spoil it for you, would you?  See you in Herne Bay!

Herne Bay Poster

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