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The Day Job

This is me today, dealing with my day job.  This is also some super graffiti found in Berlin, because I only posted a tiny percentage of the pictures I took.  If Berlin was a writer’s holiday, returning home is the payback.  My day job means I help other writers to develop their work and, hopefully, attain their dreams.  It is a great job and I’m lucky to have it in this age of slash-and-burn cuts.  But it is hard to get all the work done without feeling a little blue, especially if you want to be writing.  It’s hard to get the balance right.

My day job is running East Kent Live Lit, a network for writers and artists in the East Kent districts of Canterbury, Ashford, Shepway and Thanet.  We’re in the middle of the Canterbury Festival, then straight on to the Folkestone Book Festival.  East Kent Live Lit has a number of events running in both.  Today was spent trying to document all this work, so that it will live beyond festivals, beyond my job, even.  If you want to see what my day job has been up to, visit the East Kent Live Lit blog.

Coming soon, on that blog, is a podcast of Friday’s publishing conversation, and photos of a brand new poetry installation on Westgate Tower – and some footage of our upcoming Slam at Orange Street Music Club if you’re really lucky.  On this blog?  Maybe when the day job lets me.

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